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Doug’s Gym is the oldest single owner and operated gym in the U.S.

A true, classic and unique garage style gym offering an experience that can’t be duplicated.

Featured in movies, commercials and numerous magazines as a one of a kind location, Doug’s Gym is a rare compared to other workout facilities. Founded in 1962 by Doug Eidd, it was here when the infamous Jack Ruby walked the streets of Downtown Dallas and it lives on some 51 years later. It has seen many changes but one thing remains the same. Doug’s Gym is a throwback to the classic, fundamental style of fitness training and will stay that way for years to come.

Doug’s Gym has been recommended by the following publications numerous times.





Looking for a unique, old school gym for your photoshoot, commercials or film?


Scroll Down to see how we train.


The Four areas of focus at Doug’s Gym

Training for those who want to tone up and build a fitness routine for overall health.


To put it simple…training to lose weight. Routines are built with this as the primary goal.


This is for the individual that thinks he’s the runt of the family and wants to add bulk to his pint sized physique.

Personal Training

Proper training is essential to getting results in the gym. Without it, you’re wasting your time and money.



ADD 3 inches to chest
add 1&1/2 inches to arms

Add strength and size.
Build a physique that gets attention and comments.


lose 10-20-30 lbs
Results in 30-60 days

Reduce your hips, waist and stomach.
With our personal training, you will lose weight and slim down.

Come in today and let us discuss a fitness plan that fits you.